Embracing the
Fountain of YOU
with Recovering Achievaholic
Neda Hovaizi

An empowering dentist turned entrepreneur leads with love, defies expectations, and creates a positive work environment for her team as she strives to revolutionize age management and unlock the fountain of you.

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Neda is a true powerhouse business owner, and her journey is nothing short of remarkable. She is not only a highly skilled dentist but also a pioneer in the field of aesthetic dentistry and minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. 


Neda Hovaizi:
A Beacon of Persian Resilience Embracing the Fountain of You

In a world filled with dynamic and inspiring personalities, certain individuals stand out for their unique blend of passion, resilience, and courage to break the mold.
Dr. Neda Hovaizi, a successful dentist and aesthetics expert, passionate entrepreneur, devoted mother and wife, fashionista, and proud Persian woman, is one.

Neda Hovaizi is ilLUMInating your soul

The ultimate powerhouse business owner, we’ve been watching Neda Hovaizi build her empire over the years and are constantly impressed with what she’s creating. A woman who has multiple businesses based around making others feel good, a beautiful family, who still makes time to travel, AND ensures she’s always supporting her teams and community, we think you’ll find Neda as inspiring as we do, and might want to steal a few tips or tricks of hers to implement into your business or life.

By Alessandra Pollina

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